Confirm "Full" Backups again?

I did search and know that this has come up before (heck, I even asked once before), but I’m having trouble really locking down what needs to be included to get a “Full” backup under FreePBX 15. I’ve selected all of the Modules – and be sure to NOT exclude VM and Greetings under the VM module. Now I’m trying to see if I need to add any Custom directories. In one thread, lgaetz says “If you don’t colour outside the lines, you probably don’t have any custom files and have no need of this feature.” and then points people at the Wiki entry for the Backup module. However, the Wiki is actually a little unclear on a couple of things…

First, it mentions that, by default, it includes “ASTETCDIR” to catch any custom files. So, I assume we should include that just to be safe, correct? (Also, to note it, the Wiki SAYS to include “ASTETCDIR”, but the picture clearly shows it including “__ASTETCDIR__” – which is what I’m used to. Should it have the underscores or not?)

The Wiki then goes on to say that “recording” files are not included by default. Ok, so, anything else “not included by default” that I should be aware of? Anything else I need to think about? It then says that if you want to include recordings, then to add “ASTSPOOLDIR/monitor” to the custom files section. Do they really mean “__ASTSPOOLDIR__/monitor” there like it used to be and like the one image implies? Or do they literally mean “ASTSPOOLDIR/monitor” as written? It just seems that the Wiki is a bit unclear about whether or not the underscores should be used. I know they used to be in previous versions.

Finally, can someone confirm about Music on Hold? Those are included by default if I check the MoH module, correct? I no longer need to add something like “__ASTVARLIBDIR__/moh” (or just “ASTVARLIBDIR/moh”) to get those files, right?

Thank you!Preformatted text

I just did this last night.

1.) You do need the underscores for the directory variables.
2.) Music on hold does transfer assuming you have the MOH module selected.
3.) You are the only one that will know if you have anything extra. Selecting all modules will be a “full” backup for vanilla FreePBX installations.

Sounds good, thanks.

(I still think the Wiki should be modified slightly to make the underscores clear. :slight_smile: )

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