Confirm Calls - stuck on for time condition destinations

I have FreeBBX12.0.76.4 on Asterisk 11.25.1 with all modules up to date

Two days ago, when calling our main numbers, callers started being requested their name; “At the tone, please say your name” and the Confirm Calls dialog was played to the receiving agent at each incoming call. I checked all the settings and also restarted the server. No change

The main numbers route to a time condition. During work hours this then routes to a queue containing ext 201 (reception); this extension has a follow-me to ext 201and 299 (night-bell)

Afterhours, the time condition routes to a ring group which contains ext 201and 209 (night-bell)

I have checked (and re-applied) the following:

  • Extensions, that Call Screening is set to “Disabled”
  • Follow-me; that Confirm Calls is un-ticked
  • Queue; that Call Confirm is un-ticked
  • Ring group; that Confirm Calls is un-ticked
  • Inbound routes; that Privacy Manager is set to “No”

Please can someone tell me what I am missing?