Confirm calls hang up

check the changelog to see if that is where the fix made it into. I haven’t tracked what version. Alternatively, go back to 1.4.22…

2009-05-07 23:41 +0000 [r193119] Tilghman Lesher [email protected]

* main/pbx.c: Fix Background within a Macro for FreePBX. If the
  single digit DTMF is an extension in the specified context, then
  go there and signal no DTMF. Otherwise, we should exit with that . . .

And I’ve reviewed pbx.c and see the patch in there.

I understand the fallback option to 1.4.22 but thought I’d rattle cages here since you (Philippe) had originally opened the bug with Digium and wanted to confirm if anyone had seen this issue reappear in

Your thoughts are appreciated.



how do you apply this patch and what tool do you need.