Confirm Call feature not working - FreePBX

We’re migrating our companies old Asterisk server over to a newer version and using FreePBX as the front-end. I’m trying to set up a Ring Group for our Tech Support line that will ring all technician’s desk and cell phones. The problem is that if no one answers, their Cell phone will pick up the call and take it to voicemail.

On our old system we had a macro that played a “press 1” message that joined the call after someone pressed 1. This didn’t work very well and we’ve especially had some issues with Google Voice picking up the call.

So the Confirm Call feature sounds really ideal for us, but it isn’t working at all. Whether we call a desk phone (a mix of Cisco handsets and Softphones) or cell phones, when a user presses 1 it disconnects them. This basically leaves the caller stuck on the phone forever as it appears we never answer the call.

I posted this same issue on the Elastix forums since that is the OS we’re using, but didn’t get any help from them so I wanted to post it here. If anyone has any ideas on why this isn’t working, I’d love to hear them! Thanks!