Configuring Webmin -

I have just setup free pbx and wanted to be able to access the server from any pc by opening port 9001 I would be most grateful for any assistance and or direction from someone who has done this already.

This sounds like PiaF? If so, the port should be open.

Did you ssh in and verify that webmin is running?

If it’s PiAF, it’ll be open already.
If you’re having to access Webmin via SSH through a firewall, you need to be a bit more creative:

$ ssh [email protected]external ip address -p22 -L ip address of pbx:80 -L ip address of pbx:9001

Once you’ve logged in, you can then point a web browser to for your PiAF menu screen, and when you click on Webmin, the page will now load.
Alternatively, if you’re just wanting to access Webmin directly, simply point a web browser to