Configuring the Torture Menu

I’ve set up Call Screening for an extension. The caller is required to announce with his name. The call then rings and offers several options when the extension picks it up.

Currently, dialing 3 will route the call to the “Torture” menu but all it does is put the call on hold. I haven’t been able to figure out where to configure this “torture menu”

Logs would really help, especially if you can narrow it down to the part where you press ‘3’ and something happens.

As you can see in this trace, it goes to music on hold forever. Is there a place I can configure this to do something else, such as going to Lenny

I have provided a log. Any ideas?

Blackhole Dest: Put caller on hold forever

It places the caller on hold forever. That seems to be the “torture” part. I don’t know if you can actually configure it somewhere other than messing with the dialplan.
A full call log might tell us more.

I provided the call log from the point the Call Screening takes effect. I don’t know how much more you would need.

That is the issue. I can send to Lenny by dialing 666 but that causes the number to be blacklisted, which I may not want to do. It seems that there ought to be some other options.

Offload the caller onto the PSTN somewhere. Frees up your valuable bandwidth.

This is an experimental system for the moment. That is not a concern.

Are you trying to blackhole spammers?

It does not seem so. You don’t see where it asks you to press any of the options.

Please post a full log

Try this one. In this call, I dial 3 and get sent to MOH forever

I posted one

The call stays in macro-dial-one so unless you want to copy the entire macro to extensions_custom.conf (which is a bad idea) then I can’t think of a way to make it work.

I think you should open a feature request that it should either go out to a dedicated macro, or manageable from the GUI…

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I don’t have a support contract so it looks like I cannot submit a feature request. I’m not experienced enough to try your first suggestion, which you said was a bad idea anyway.

Thanks for sticking with this.

No one needs a support contract to report bugs/issues/feature requests to that’s exactly what it is there for. You just need to create an account.

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