Configuring SNOM phones to pull settings from EPM

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We have a client who wants to keep their existing SNOM 760 phones (fw v. to use with their new FreePBX (v. deployment.

Following the EPM Wiki instructions, I’ve hard reset the phone and am attempting to set the Update Policy to Update automatically and the Setting URL to tftp://FreePBXFQDN, so the phone pulls in it’s config.

The first snag we ran into is that the Setting URL doesn’t seem to allow me to type in this field. I downloaded the xml file and see that the “setting_server perm” is set to “R” not “RW”. So with this in mind, I just made my two configuration adjustments directy in the xml file:
<update_policy perm=“RW”>auto_update</update_policy>
<setting_server perm=“RW”>tftp://[FQDN]</setting_server>
…then uploaded to the phone.

The phone rebooted itself but doesn’t seem to want to keep these settings.

Does anyone out there have any experience with SNOM phones, and could give me a few pointers for getting these phones to play nice with FreePBX EPM?

Thanks for your advice in advance!

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Are these phones flashed with a custom image? If so (and I expect this to be true), you are going to have to get a new flash image from SNOM to get this working. My experience on this (which is limited and maybe a dozen years old) is that the phone is going to continue to try to “phone home” to get its config and you’re going to hard-pressed to get it to stop.

One way that worked one time was flashing a competitor’s phone to a REALLY old firmware version and then upgrading through iterative loads of newer and newer software. I don’t know if SNOM will even support something like that, but if the problem is that it’s still trying to D/L the options from somewhere else, you’re going to have to get it to stop that.

A good “second prong” attach would be to check out the SNOM Forums and see what they say about removing “personality” from old phones.

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve actually reached out to SNOM concurrently and am exploring that avenue as well.
Thanks for your insight on the “phon home” concept.
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