Configuring Skype For oubound calls to internactional cell phones

Hi all,

I am having problem with configuring Skype to make outbound calls to international cell phones. I am able to make calls to landline phones in China. But when I tried cell phone numbers in China, the last digit was always cut off from the original phone number I dialed. For example, when I dialed 8615127089XXX, siptosis only received 8615127089XX. The last digit didn’t pass into siptosis.

Currently, my setup is using the default skype (custom) trunk and OutSkype route that came with FreePBX 2.8 installation.

The Dialed Number Manipulation Rules in skype (custom) trunk has the following patterns:

  1. (match pattern)NXXNXXXXXX
  2. (match pattern)*.

The Dial Patterns that will use this Route in OutSkype route has the following patterns:

  1. (prefix)* (match pattern).
  2. (prefix)8 (match pattern)NXXNXXXXXX

SkypeOutDialingRules.props has the following setting:

Any idea why that happened? Thanks!

I think its the match pattern. Check to make sure it has the same number of digit as the phone numbers.