Configuring Skype For Asterisk oubound calls


I can’t configure skype for asterisk for outbound call (SkypeOut). I am able to make skype calls, but can’t make calls to landlines.

I have bought credits and test account on windows box and it works.

When I try to configure from FreePBX it gives me all-circuits-busy

What I have done are:

  • create custom trunk with custom dial string: skype/+/$OUTNUM$
  • create outbound route with dial pattern: 9|. (using the skype trunk above)

When I try to place a call to 93242383282 I get all circuits are busy.

checked in the console I have

– Goto (macro-dialout-trunk,s,25)
– Executing [[email protected]:25] Set(“SIP/404-09204c00”, “the_num=3242383282”) in new stack
– Executing [[email protected]:26] Dial(“SIP/404-09204c00”, “skype/3242383282,300,”) in new stack
– Couldn’t call 5656
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (0:0/0/0)

Any idea why that happen? I have tried and with only skype/$OUTNUM$
Same story

Hi there,

I’m having exactly the same problem and would appreciate any help out there from those that got it working


The format is skype/skype_username/number_to_dial

I wanted to look back through my notes, if you have a default Skype account configured you can omit the skype_username

You have to have the right kind of minutes prepaid on your Skype account. My client went round and round with this until he got the right type of account (don’t ask me what it was).