Configuring Line Key buttons in Yealink devices via Endpoint Manager

Good afternoon. We are using module version on FreePBX 15.0.23. All ip phones of the manufacturer Yealink. There are devices with 2 or 4 lines (these are the so-called Line Keys keys). These keys can be used to program different functions. Usually the keys are programmed by the user, not the administrator. The problem is the following - initially in the module, these keys are not programmed for any function… but when downloading the configuration to the phone, the functions previously programmed by the user on the phone are erased by the downloaded configuration. The second problem is that it is impossible to program keys for a specific user from the module. You can only program for a model (for a template), which will be distributed in the future depending on who this template will be assigned to. I found one workaround, but it doesn’t quite fit us. You can configure these keys for the user via UCP. But our users do not have access to UCP. Is there a way to program Line Keys for individual users through a module? Or how to configure the module so that the configuration does not overwrite user settings?

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In EPM, General Settings, there is a button to toggle “Admin UCP for All” which will allow you as an admin to update the individual user’s phones in Extension Mapping. When enabled you will see a new button on the right for each entry in Ext Mapping.

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It helped, thank you.

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