Configuring Incoming and outgoing

I am new with asterisk. I have 4 phone lines from telco 01277xx1-3 from telco through 2 PRI E1 lines conected to dual span digital digium card.
Now I want to setup the incoming call from 01277xx1 to go to an extention 104 for instance. then i go to connectivity>inbound
where i configure the DID to 01277xx1 and i set destination to extention 104. But each time i calle the line, the pbx respond by Playing '“ss-noservice.ulaw”

Please what do i do and pretty new in asteriks

I have the drivers and i think i am not just competent enough to get it work. When i place a call to the box from my mobile phone, it rings on the extention directed the incoming call to. What i want to achieve is to configure different lines for different group of extention. Callcentre line should be 01277xxx0 while 01277xxx1 should be to sales.
Should paste the dahdi.conf and extension.conf here?

This is not Asterisk support, this is FreePBX support.

What versions are you running? How was the system installed (what OS or Distro).

If you are running a later version do you have the DAHDI module? Your inbound trunks need to be in from-trunk or from-dahdi.

The details below

FreePBX framework 2.10.0rc1.0, Dahdi 2.8.0. The OS is centos 5.5.

and are you sure you have all the drivers loaded and configured