Configuring Inbound routes to match incoming/attacghed POTS line numbers


I have an AsteriskNow/FreePBX box with two (2) eight (8) port Digium FXO cards. All the ports (the RJ11 jacks) have POTS lines attached to it. My question is where/how do I configure the Extensions, Inbound Routes or DAHDI Trunks, so that my system knows which incoming telephone (line) number is calling, so that the appropriate IVR can be triggered based on a particular extension? For example:

If I have two incoming lines with real POTS numbers say (111222)3333 and (111222)3334, how will FreePBX know which port or channel is ringing? If 3333 is ringing it should trigger its IVR, whereas if the call is coming from 3334, it should go to that IVR. So, I guess my question is how do I reference/link the POTS lines (numbers) to channels?

Thanks so much.

Towhid Islam
[email protected]

Please read up on this manual, it may help you.

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