Configuring Grandstream GXV3240 in Freepbx13

I am trying to configure some Grandstream GXV3240 phones in Freepbx 13 using endpoint manager. I am getting a dialtone but if I try to call out I get “Call failed No response”. So I did some searching and found I may have to configure one of the accounts on the phone but I have no clue in what to enter for:

SIP User ID:
SIP Authentication ID
SIP Authentication Password

Any help with this would be greatly apprecaited.

User ID is extension number, authentication password is the password you defined in freepbx.

… is the EXTENSION password you defined … There is a User Password for UCP which is completely different. It’s not unusual for these to get conflated, so make sure you are using the right password with you try to configure the phone.

You’re right, that’s what I meant

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