Configuring FreePBX with NEXMO

Hello folks, I need to configure FreePBX with NEXMO.
I know I have to create a SIP Trunk on FreePBX control Panel, but I don’t know how to fill the fields there to get a good configuration. On the following image (url) you can see explicitly what I mean.

My goal is, in few words:
When somebody call to: “+49XXXXXXX”, the call be redirected to the SIP phone.

Thanks in advance!

Mod Edit:

I put a proper link to the image. Too much risk in shortened url’s people won’t click em.
Also X’d out the phone number. Please don’t post personal information (even your own) on the public forum. These pages may be crawled by folks you don’t want having this information.
Moved to General Help. Note "SIPStation category is specific to the SIPStation service.

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