Configuring Freepbx with Adtran-Total Access 912

Hello everyone,

I have a client whom is looking into switching to a freepbx VoIP solution from their current hybrid phone system and they are using this Adtran-Total Access 912 currently for their T1 line connection into their phone system.
I tried reading about this device but was not able to find, or am unsure, how I would integrate it with a Freepbx box or if there is something I would need to make it work.

It would be awesome to hear your input on this.

Thank you,

You didn’t give much info.

The 912 is a multiservice gateway, has a ton of functionality.

You say it’s a T1, do I assume it’s a data T1 and the current carrier uses the 912 as a gateway for the voice (either PRI or analog)? Or is it an IP gateway and they connect SIP to their network?

If it’s converting to analog or PRI you might want to see if their current carrier supports SIP trunks so you don’t need any hardware.

Thank you for your reply.

Honestly the client wasn’t too clear about their exact setup. From what I could see, the 912 is connected directly to the T1 circuit and then has a network cable going into the phone system. The client did, however, mention something about having a SIP account from a company by the name of AccessOne.
I am assuming that either the 912 or the current phone system has the SIP credentials.
If my assumption is correct, then I would also assume that the network cable that comes out of the 912 (currently connected to the existing phone system), I would plug into the FreePBX box and then just set up a SIP trunk. Correct?

P.S. I have been reading this forum for a long time, and wanted to say that you really know your stuff! Thank you for the awesome help you provide!