Configuring extensions_custom.conf to call ring group when DID is called

I am trying to set up some custom inbound routes for when someone calls one of Our DID’s it will match a time condition and get bounced to a ring group. I could do this with time groups and conditions but we have over 100 DID’s and I dont want to have to set up an time condition and inbound route for every DID.

I found a forum post about bouncing it to an IVR with a rule in the extensions_custom.conf and that works perfectly but I just don’t know the context to get it to go to a pre-created ring group.

The rule for the IVR is

Exen => xxxxxxxxxx,1GotoIfTime(7:00-14:00|mon-fri||?ivr-x.s.1)

I am just looking to swap out that IVR context to go to a ring group if its possible.

It will be something like:

exten => xxxxxxxxxx,1GotoIfTime(7:00-14:00|mon-fri||?from-internal,xxxx,1)

where the x’s are your ring group number. There are many typo’s in your quoted dialplan line, not sure I caught them all.

Sorry I just kind of chucked that in there and I didn’t even proof it, looking at the actual line though it looks just like what you have there.
I just gave it a try and looks like it worked! I just didn’t know what the right syntax was for the ring-group

Thank you!

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I believe your DID’s are similar, so why not use variables in your Inbound Routes? Or, why not use a Any/Any?

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