Configuring Aastras: 2 Ques's: 1) EPM, 2) Aastra specific

Greets all

Brand new FreePBX install on a Dell Vostro 260s using FreePBX-Distro-Net-64bit-1.811.210.57

Unless I’m missing it (in FPBX/EPM), there doesn’t seem to be a “GUI” way to edit an individual phones’ Programmable/Softkeys (9143/9480).

I see in Template Mgr I can make a clone of (say) the 9143i aastra.cfg and $mac.cfg, and edit those two actual “global files”, and the “General” and “Keys” textbox entries for my custom template, but those will apply to any phones I assign this custom template to.

I still need to surf to the individual phones’ web page to put in BLF assignments for each phone (or vi each $MAC.cfg file). I thought perhaps there was a way via EPM/FreePBX to be able to edit individual phone settings such as this.

I do see that in Advanced Settings, Product Options/Configuration Editor, I can select the 9143i “Product” and the custom $mac.cfg file I’ve already created, and then save it as a specific $MAC.cfg file for a specific phone, but that would of course require one to lookup each MAC for the filename.

I suppose I thought there might be a “GUI” way of doing it, and not have to still use a text editor and “Save As” for each individual phone which will have different BLF assignments.

My second query is regarding those BLF assignments into Softkeys on 9480i’s.

It’s easy to enter the extension number for each BLF key I want to assign, but can be more of a hassle to enter that users’ name into the corresponding Label.

Is there any way to have the phone determine the $displayname to fill in to the “Label” for a Softkey, based upon the corresponding extension entered in the Softkeys’ “Value” assignment? Perhaps via use of variables? Something like $displayname($usernanme($softkey # value))).

This would alleviating one from having to do this manually for each BLF key assignment desired, and also, when someone leaves the company, and their extension is re-assigned to a new employee, everyone who had the prior persons’ extension/name in a BLF wouldn’t need to have their phone re-programmed with new emplyees name, as their phone would automagically update with the correct info.

Thanks in advance


Yes there is a way to do it in the GUI. It’s called ARI Recording Interface. You enable it in advanced settings and then go to said template and enable the settings you want to show up in ARI. Then you login to the recording interface and you are able to edit those settings per phone. So each user can/could actually do it themselves. Watch this video for more information (

Sorry there won’t be a way (at this current time) to fill that value. This project is a global far-reaching project and is not directly tied to FreePBX. It is used in FusionPBX, AstLinux, Blue.Box & Whistle. Therefore adding something like that has to work for all systems. Also in some setups people but BLF assignment to different machines through a multi-tenant setup. It would have to work in that situation too.