Configuring a Queue as a Hunt Group

I am using FreePBX 14 Distro on Asterisk 11

I have a call queue with dynamic agents configured in a linear call pattern as to emulate a hunt group. We’re using Asternic call reporting which is why we have to use queues. When the call gets to the bottom of the member list, it should route to the fail over destination specified in the queue.

Under timing and agent options, I have “retry” set to “no retry” which seems like it should fail calls over to the failover destination once the end of the queue list is reached but it appears this isn’t happening.

What setting should I be looking for in the queue options to make this happen?

Thank you!

Why Asterisk 11? You are a “bit” behind.

From the Wiki:

Choosing No Retry will exit the queue and go to the failover destination as soon as the first attempted agent times-out. Additional agents will not be attempted.

Why it’s not happening? Hard to tell with no call logs.

Thanks for the helpful reply. I’m aware Asterisk 11 is “behind” however, that isn’t the reason I’m experiencing this issue I’m sure.

If I lab it out myself, I am routed to the failover destination and it appears to be working. However, we have gotten reports of long hold times from customers which insinuates this isn’t happening all of the time. I found a call in the logs where the user was on hold for 300 seconds so that implies our desired action isn’t happening every single time.

The question was more geared to what should I be checking within the queue settings to get our desired effect here and that is configuring a queue as a hunt group, where each member is tried in order and when the last destination is rang with no answer, instead of keeping the caller on hold and repeating the hunt list again, the call is routed to the failover destination specified in the queue.


Without access to that log snippet, it’s going to be hard to analyze what happened that dropped your caller into limbo. There are many things in play here, including other (outside of the queue) issues that might have escaped your attention.

Without log, though, it’s going to be a guessing game. There are so many things that can cause this problem that it’s just too hard to know.

Is there a feasible way to pull logs from a call that happened a few days ago?

/var/log/asterisk/full* - find the rotated log that coincides with your date of interest.

Thank you Lorne! I’m bookmarking that, that’s awesome documentation that I’ve never seen before

My pastebin for the call in question is below:

Can someone please help me figure out what happened here so I know how to correct this? I see the call hit queue 604, append the caller ID, but after that I don’t see any extensions ringing?

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Here’s another call 2 days later… same thing it looks like. .Queue 604 was dialed, caller ID was preappended, but no extensions rang? Caller was on hold for 5 minutes before they hung up.

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