Configuring 2nd nic for internal network


I currently have a PBXACT 60 configured with 1 ethernet port out of 3 available.

The current config is configured on a 192.168.1.x/24. The router is in a DMZ.

I need to move the phones over to a 10.0.0.x/22 network.

Yesterday I reconfigured the PBX to with gateway as Everything was working fine and then all of a sudden I lost audio both inbound and outbound. SIP was registered and could make inbound and outbound calls just had no audio. This could well have been an issue with the router blocking rtp traffic and not being a true DMZ.
I re-ran the Firewall setup and strangely the router and the public IP was not detected.
As time was not on my side I flipped back to the original config and everything worked again.

I would now like to keep the current config on eth0 192.168.1.x/24 gw for SIP traffic.
Configure eth1 as 10.0.0.x/22 this is the local lan range and where the extensions / phones will sit.

If I setup this config is there anything else I will need to confgure on the PBX?

Many thanks in advance


I don’t understand why such a large network for so few phones.

You’ll need to make sure that Asterisk is listening on both networks, no local firewall is blocking traffic on the new network, etc.

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