Configure the external ip on asterisk

Good morning, I have a problem with my asterisk in which I cannot register in the trunk.

I have changed my internet provider and in the packages they continue to send the public ip of the old internet provider.

Where is the public ip configured in asterisk to try to change the configuration and check that everything works correctly?


In the relevant transport section in pjsip.conf (or for chan_sip, the general section in sip.conf). NB these files are managed by FreePBX and you should change them through the GUI, or, if using custom transports, for chan_pjsip, in the relevant custom .conf file.

For the GUI settings see:

Can it be configured in any way so that when the internet provider is changed, the ip updates automatically? or do I need to come here to change it manually?

FreePBX does not have a native way to update this IP address automatically.

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