Configure several lines but only one as the main one through a fiber optic provider

Hello friends, I need your help

I currently have a newly installed freepbx with a grandstream gateway with 8 analog lines and everything works perfect as follows:

Main number that customers call: XXXXXX1

Example of incoming calls: suppose someone calls the company, this person calls the main number XXXXXX1, the gateway takes the call and derives it to the number XXXXXX6 and the customer service extension rings, but while that person is talking to customer service, another person calls the main number XXXXXX1, now the gateway derives that call to the number XXXXXX3 and answers another extension of the customer service.

example of outgoing calls: the same happens when someone inside the company calls, the gateway is responsible for sending the call to any of the 8 lines connected to the device.

The problem

My provider decided to cancel the subscription of the analog lines and pass everything to the lines through fiber optic, connecting a network cable from the modem to the Freepbx server, they do not give me much information about what I have to do to do it configuration correctly , they only gave me the public IP that I must configure in the network interface, the IP of their server, the compatible codecs and that does not require registration.

I don’t know how to do what the gateway did, for incoming and outgoing calls, with several phone numbers. I think I should make a trunk for each phone number, but I’m not sure how to do it.

If someone has the knowledge of how to do it, it would be useful for me. Thank you

Set up an inbound route with no Caller ID and no DID. Set up the trunk to connect to the modem and you should be all set. Outbound might take a couple of minutes to get set up, but yours is not the first request like this.

Looking back through the archives should lead you to a few discussions where we’ve talked about configurations like this in the past. Inbound is the easiest to get set up, once you have that working, there might be a few minutes of hand-holding to get outbound traffic working.

Thanks for answering, although my most important question is how to do it when the call to the A number, the call is automatically transferred to any number, B, C, X, since customers only have the A number and if this number is busy on a call and they call again, then the second call will not fall

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