Configure IVR, I'm currently in a loop

Adding an IVR onto a currently working system Freepbx 16.0.26 with Cisco 7960 phones
Our inbound phone is 5000, I added the IVR to the Inbound routes 5000. In the extension settings for 5000 I set the announcement to none.
The IVR works fine and goes to all the IVR extension entries just fine, When 0 is selected it goes to extension 5000 (receptionist) However the phone just loops in the IVR.
I would like it to ring the phone instead. Do I need to put the receptionist on a different extension and the IVR on an extension by itself? This is my first exposure to freepbx.

What do you mean by you added an IVR to the inbound routes 5000? You can’t really assign an extension number to an IVR.

Our inbound phone number (DID) is xxx-xxx-5000
In the inbound routes I set the destination to the IVR.
In the IVR, pressing 0 goes to the receptionist at extension 5000
At that point the IVR Message just repeats over.

Ahh, ok.

What happens when you trying calling the 5000 extension directly from another extension on the network? Does it actually ring or do you hear the IVR message?

If all that works we’ll need to see the call flow debug messages when a call connects to the IVR and 0 is pressed.

You can get the logs by going to Reports → Asterisk Logfiles and copying the relevant section once the activity scrolls by. You can go to the page and watch the output as it’s happening.

Solved, seems like there was an issue with the Cisco 7960 not acquiring an IP. after numerous reboots and swapping out cat cable it is working as expected, thank you

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