Configure inbound rout based on phone state?

Hey all!

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction…

Currently I have a system setup using AsteriskNOW and 13 Digium D50’s. When a call comes in it goes to a goes to a time condition, if yes it goes to the receptionist, if no it goes to a ring group that rings all phones in the office as there are often people there after the receptionist leaves.

So currently if she leaves her desk she has to dial the time condition override, however there is no visual status of this on the phone.

Ideally what I would like would be to figure out a way to ring her phone if its set to Available but if its set to DND or Away, it then goes on to the ring group.
I just cant figure out a good way to do that, although I’m sure there is one.

I have tried to search but perhaps I am using the wrong terms because I cant seem to find anything



Ok I did figure this out using an extra ring group that only rings the receptionists phone and then the ring all group if no answer, so as long as the receptionist phone is set to DND it jumps right to ring all.

A couple of things…

First you say " there is no visual status of this on the phone." If this will help, you should be able to set this up as a BLF on a phone button.

Now as far as routing her phone based on its availability, Look at the bottom of the extension setup page. There you can route a call based on the status of the extension.


any change you can give me an idea as to how I can set a BLF on the phone as a visual indicator?