Configure FreePBX Queue distinguish Busy and Unanswer!

hi my friends,

Please help me to solve the problem below

  • My PBX System : FreePBX 2.8 with Asterisk 1.8.
  • My Customer Care Group need setup a Queue with Only a Dynamic Agent :
    • in addition to the usual features, when :
    • The Agent = Busy (all agents in call) : asterisk play a announcement " All agents is Busy now , please wait a moment"… After that asterisk will tranfer the caller to a Ring Group.
    • The Agent = Unanswer (no Agent answer, not wait to timeout) : asterisk play another announcement " All agents i Available now, please try call again later " . After that asterisk will hangup call.

Can i configure my FreePBX (ver 2.8) for this inquiry or have to update FreePBX to solve ? Or anything else?

Hope to hear information from you the soonest.

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Any body can help me. Please !!!