Configure conference room with DID

We have some extra DIDs that we ported over from our old PBX system and would like to use one of them dedicated for Conference room. I tried setting up a second inbound route and specifying any calls from this DID# should be destined to conference room XXXX but no luck. Can this be done within FreePBX?

Hi @etgllc,

You can route your call to a conference room from the inbound routes module. Create an in bound route and select a conference room for your destination.

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Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

Sounds like your inbound route DID is not matching exactly what is being sent by the provider. Check the CDR, and note the exact string in the DID column. The DID field in the CDR must match exactly.

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Thanks. Figured out what I was missing. After checking the CDR, the DID # has 1 at the beginning and that was the issue.

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