Configure Astersk

Please guide me to configure the calling system

what is next step i do to configure my asterisk server after installation?

Rohit: I answered several of your questions, it seems you are trying to build a FreePBX server by yourself without the needed knowledge, I suggest you read the wiki and try to move forward and ask specific questions when you find a specific issue that you can’t resolve. Asking general questions without providing any info will not get you the help you need. Just my humble opinion.

How to install EndPoint Manager in our FreePbx server modules?

Rohit I agree with Arielgrin, there is a tremendous amount on online help and information. I self-taught by creating a lab version of Freepbx at home before going live at my business.
Follow this link;

Also use the search box at the top of this page.


Can we configure Cisco hard phonesand soft phone on our freepbx open source calling system

Yes you can, either with SIP or SCCP, depending on the firmware version currently installed on the phone.

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