Configuration of Yealink T46G

So I’m having an issue I hope you can help me resolve. My boss wanted me to see if I can cut our Nextiva bill down, so I found some pricing from a few places to cut it a little, but we have the fiber connection and the leftover bandwidth to move everything in house so I figured I’d give FreePBX a shot. I’m currently using the SIPStation trial through the FreePBX dashboard to make a test system of our actual phone system to verify I can get all the features to work that we may need. That’s where I’m running into my current issue. I can’t seem to get the T46G to register on the FreePBX installation. I’m not using the Endpoint manager (currently, will try to convince the boss to get the license for it once I can show that we can move our system over to this). My question is thus, how the heck can I get this Yealink phone to connect to the FreePBX as an extention. I’ve setup a user/password and SIP extention for the phone, but when I put the information into the accounts section of the Yealink admin panel I get “Register Failed” under the Register Status. Any help would be appreciated.

What other settings have you set on the phone? SIP server IP and port? What other errors are you getting on the asterisk CLI when the phone tries to register?

Them are the SIP settings I have. The .135 IP address is the FreePBX server. Username and password is the User username and password set under User Management on FreePBX that is linked to the Extention. Where would I view the Asterisk CLI? (the Asterisk CLI option under the FreePBX GUI shows nothing. Is there a command I need to run there, or should I be looking at the actual server console output? Sorry for the dumb questions. Fairly new to this section of IT and thought I’d be able to wrap my head around it a little easier than I have so far.

You shouldn’t need the second server. Is the extension that you created a PJSIP extension?

You can observe the asterisk console in the web GUI by going to Reports → Asterisk Logfiles.

Removed the second server. Went to the report section and I’ve got a lot of these repeating (blacked out public IP address)

It is a PJSIP Extention that was created

After this is all done you won’t want your SIP port exposed externally to the world. You’ll want to limit that to whatever trunk provider you decide to go with.

The second screenshot that you shared seems to indicate that you don’t have a user/pass that matches the extension correctly configured. I’d double check those settings.

Please make sure that the value of Secret shown in the FreePBX GUI for the extension matches the value for Password entered into the Yealink. Use Copy/paste to be sure it’s correct. Of course, the values of Register Name and User Name must match the extension number.

I’m an idiot and was using the user password instead of the “secret”. Thanks for all the help.

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