Configuration Error the application cannot connect to the Asterisk Manager

I will try to give as much background as I can - without creating too much unimportant information. I have a brand new build of FreePBX (Running all the latest updates). I copied a full backup from a running system (Running all stable modules from over a year ago). After restoring the backup, and putting my new machine in service as a replacement to my old machine everything works except for one thing. My Action URI fails. For Example (http://IP.IP.IP.IP:80/aastra/asterisk/sync.php?action=register&user=$$SIPUSERNAME$$) - IP Cleared for Anonymity. Will always give the error “Configuration Error the application cannot connect to the Asterisk Manager”. If I clear the error, then I can make calls, and use the phone as normal. But alas the Action URI’s cause this error at almost every step in using the phone.
Solutions I have tried:
My research has pointed me to a possible problem with my hosts file, but my local host is in the file, and that seems to be fully correct. I also saw a possible problem with Asterisk not running as it should, but as far as I can tell everything is running well. I do a full restart of asterisk, and get no errors on restart (I do get failures when shutting asterisk down oddly). I have even tried copying sections of the entire asterisk file system from my old pbx to the new pbx, and still nothing seems to help this error. I have put all the new files back. The last thing I saw was a possible user name or password error between my manger.conf file and asterisk - but both of those files are using the same password.
I of course can fill this forum with TONS of logs and much more information, but I am not sure what would even be helpful at this point. Anyone have any ideas for me? Thank You in advanced!