ConfigEdit program

Is there a way to edit any file in the editor?
Also, is there a way to separate the ConfigEdit module to run from any web page?
I have a need to allow an alerts file to be updated from the web.

Have you tried a link to it:

I a trying to get the program to stand alone under apache.
It would be a wonderful tool to do simple file edits.
Does anyone know what the program requires to run under a browser?
I would like to use it to edit the config files for alerting that used the VoIP machine to do the actual calling out.
This would save so much time.
I have never seen a program that you can edit a file in a web page other than this one.
I use the VoIP Text-to-Speech to do out-of-band alerting at our site.
I have Xymon (Hobbit/old Big Brother) watching my network but when the Internet or Exchange is not available, you cannot send an Email/SMS alert the conventional way.
I have an ssh script that runs on the other machines that then will do the .call out file creation, etc.


… it brings up a password request. I put that it (twice) and I am in Config Edit.

Sorry, I miss stated it, the freepbx page is there, but the configedit window is empty on my machine.
I won’t have the freepbx as a base on the system with the file(s) to edit.
So I am trying to see what it would take to separate the function and make it stand alone.
I have seen other posts over the years that allow you to add additional files on the freepbx machine that can be added to the files that can be selected on the screen.
I know there is a 2nd version of the program that can be downloaded to edit additional files also.
Can the program be separated and run on a CentOS system other than the freePBX server?

Thanks Cliff

I mean, you can run putty, or any SSH client or the Java SSH provided by FreePBX, but I don’t know if you can do that from a browser.

I guess that I would look under the covers at admin/config.php. Do you know anything about PHP? I don’t.

I will bet that he would know if it is doable or not.

I am not a PHP’er either - html, c, bash shell, etc.
I started out looking under the hood, but it got confusing quickly as there was not very much to go on.

Not FreePBX based but it may be an alternate solution.

For a number of reasons, I wouldn’t try to go down this route… It would be a bad choice, especially if you aren’t extremely familiar with *nix security and php and apache…

Use a software designed for sysadmin work like webmin (
It can be installed on centos with or without freepbx (pbxinaflash for example installs it) and it can do a lot more. than just a few raw config edits, and do it fast and easy (and more securely, via ssl, etc) And you can allow only certain people to do certain things.

my 2 cents…