Config issue with dahdi/g0/*

Hi everyone,
Perviously we were using a zap channel w/ zaptel drivers, since upgrading to the new system i have tried to preserve as much of this settings as possible. this seems to be having a weird issue when rebooting the server (as i found out last night at 11pm)

Any mobile extensions in the extensions configuration part of freepbx 2.8 that has a dial command of DAHDI/g0/04XXXXXXXX seem to taint the kernel when DAHDI boots up at server startup time. if i remove this dial command the server starts fine and i can add them back in later and reload the server config and it works fine.

Unfortunately these extensions need to be there as they are used for our AH priority 1 support (on call staff members)

The trunk is setup as a zap trunk (DAHDI compatibility) but after upgrading to 2.8 i noticed there is now DAHDI trunk available. im not sure if i have configured this correctly as all our outbound calls go out through this trunk.

In /var/log/asterisk/full i get the following
[Sep 10 00:31:51] ERROR[8345] chan_dahdi.c: Syntax error parsing ‘g0’ at ‘g0’

g0 is the name of te trunk but is also referenced by the extensions int eh dial command DAHDI/g0/04XXXXXXXX

I have narrowed it down to the dial command causing this. is there perhaps a better way to do this so when the server restarts it doesnt mean a 1am bedtime?

I might clarify this, if i wanted to call an external number from a Ring Group, i have to specify the ‘extension’ that i want to call. If the ‘extension’ that i want to call is a mobile/cell phone, how would i configure this?

I tried to add a custom device with a dial string of DAHDI/g0/XXXXXXXXXX (where x is the number not an actual x)

But on reboot of the server the DAHDI seems to freak out over this and i have to remove all extensions with it in it so it will boot successfully and then re-add afterwards, whilst the server is running it has no issues with it and works perfectly, but is there any other way to call a mobile/cell from a Ring Group?

We use an E1 connection with 20 active lines, if this makes any difference.

If i cannot get a solution to this i will have to put our whole support line system in _custom.conf and not use 1/2 the functionality that freepbx bought to this project.