Config issue Digium D50 with EPM Pro

First time working with Digium phones and EPM Pro.

The first thing I noticed is that in the template setup there are only options for FTP and HTTP for the phones to fetch their config files.

I have Option 66 set as usual with SPA phones and created a config for a phone in EPM Pro. The phone says, “Error fetching configuration. You can retry or choose a new server.”

I can connect via TFTP from a Windows PC and grab the config file, but the D50 will not.

Any ideas?

Called Digium. Their phones don’t support TFTP (according to their tech support). They said we should be using DPMA not EPM Pro for provisioning. But I think we have to use EPM Pro to get the apps to work on the phone, correct? At least that’s what I remember from the webinar.

What tech told you that you should use DPMA. Yes to use our Phone Apps you have to use our EPM. They work hand in hand. Would like to know who at Digium told you this?

Edgar D.
Case #00392401

Still don’t know how to get these phones to download their config files, though…

Have wasted an afternoon fussing with this. Would have been done two hours ago with Cisco phones. Shouldn’t be this difficult…

Someone lit a fire for me. Thank you! Dennis called from Digium and was great help.

It was a config issue. These phones provision differently than the Cisco phones and so I had an error in DHCP option 66, and there were various fields in the default config that were not correct. Would be really very helpful to have a concise doc that shows how to setup EPM and a basic template for the Digium phones. In fact, I’d happily contribute a draft.

Next issue: I have three of the line keys configured for XML-API apps, but they don’t work:

Park: "Parking is not authorized in the API module for extension 225"
DND: the same
Apps: “Loading…”

I realize we’re working with pretty new stuff here, and sure appreciate the assist!

Have you installed the Rest-Apps modules and gone through the instructions in the wiki?

That means you have not setup your users for permissions. Please review the wiki as its all outlined.

Wow, yes, sorry, I had not tripped to the new User Management module. Are there plans to add to this page?

There seems to be a lot more going on in that module than is described on that wiki page.

Lots of interesting development going on here…

Check out the 2.12 goals and timeline for a better understanding of that is happening. It’s all out in the open to see.