Config files are not seen by amportal

I´m new with Freepbx. I have installed Asterisk (1.6) under Centos, and i´m running freepbx I configure sip_custom.conf, but no extensions appears under the freepbx portal. It also not appear in mysql tables. Do I have to do anything more?

Documentation says how to create extensions from Freepbx administration portal. In my case, I have 10 extensions already created, and I can´t see them with amportal.

I have writed sip_customs.conf manually. This extensions are not viewed from portal.

Well, if you are using FreePBX you don’t edit any of the config files manually. FreePBX does that for you.
The files are overwritten each time you click on Apply Changes.

FreePBX does NOT read any configuration file, it stores it configuration in a MySQL database and create the config files from that database, that is why you don’t see your entries.