Config Endpoints

Hi i intall the Last FreePBX distro

I Have al Grandstream GXP1400 Phones

i like to config via endpoints manager but its imposible to me

i already see all the phones in the Device List

But for example when i try to rebuild config and reboot phone from the device list the phone dont make nothing.

what i need to do to conect the phone to the Endopint manager.

The phones are all conected to FreePBX and can make and recive calls

sorry my english.

Is DHCP setup to send the phones the correct boot parameters or did you configure the phones manually? For the EPM to work the phones need to be told where to download their configs from.

I config the phone whit static IP, i need to configure the phone anithing of the Endpoint Manager

You need to tell the phone where to download the config from. Typically one uses DHCP to assign IP address info and boot parameters.

Sorry i dont speak english very well.

I need to enter to my phone and configure the phone to search the config file on the FreePBX IP???

Thanks and sorry.

i already can config the phone to take the config of endpoinp FreePBX.

But when phone restart givme bad ip address, and bad date.


in the phones config. Look for TFTP server setting. Add you Freepbx IP address here, save and reboot the phone. Now you can do to end point manager and do a search, find and add your phones.

More properly set your DHCP server Option 66 and 150 to your FreePBX IP. The phones will pick up the server IP automatically and 0 touch config.

Hi, sorry i do not understand, i need to configure DHCP on the System Admin – Network Settings, or i need to configure DHCP on the Endpoint manager in the “cfg$mac” in this archive i dont see the option 66 and 150.

Sorry im very very newby on this.

Thanks a lot.

I see this

# Allow DHCP Option43 and Option 66 to override server: 0 - No, 1 - Yes. Default is Yes. # When set to Yes(1), it will override the configured provision path and method. # Number: 0, 1 # Mandatory P145 = 1

The DHCP its YES, but givme bad ip
My lan are 192.168.1.XXX
and if a put the endpoint the phone have IP 192.168.0.XXX

The Free PBX have Static IP


in the telephones config page you will see TFTP server address. Just put your Asterisk IP address in this area, save and reboot the phone. Now from FreePbx use the end point manager.

Yes i do that but when the phone reboot givme

192.168.0.XXX IP
Date 1969

and my Freepbx ip its 192.168.1.XXX

i dont know why the phone have another range ip.


Probably because you have another DHCP server on the same physical network, albeit on a different layer three network than you where expecting.

The only DHCP Server i have it in 192.168.1.X /

I dont know what happens.

None the less, something is giving it

192.168.0.XXX IP
Date 1969

It doesn’t just pop up like that. Check all your routers, modems, firewalls, etc for the culprit.

i chech again tomorrow and try again and come back and put here the results.

Thanks for all.