Config device as trunk for ext to ext dialling

is it possible to configure a device as a trunk.
i have a gateway at ip address connecting to a Nortel PBX with E1
i would like to connect Nortel’s extensions to an asterisk sitting at
Asterisk’s extensions would like to dial Nortel extension and vice versa.

Three possibilities to investigate:-

A add two PRI’s to the asterisk box and insert yourself between the PSTN and the Nortel

B add one PRI to asterisk and one to the Nortel and then arrange trunking and routing to suite.

C If your Nortel has SIP services licensed then maybe start with


the asterisk is in the cloud, the gateway is connected to a PRI on the Nortel. i was looking at setting up a device and and have the gateway register to it.
Don’t know if i can change it to Dial(SIP/GATEWAY/${EXTEN} and route the calls over it

What is the nature of “the gateway” ?

it’s an adtran gateway

You should be fine, just build a sip trunk in Asterisk to connect to the gateway. You might want that trunk to have the [from-did-direct] context, and of course any pertinent provisioning in the adtran to accept connections from the Asterisk box.

i was looking for the gateway to register to the asterisk server and not asterisk to gateway is that possible ?

IP to IP trunks don’t need to register, no password or username needed either, they just work if you have correct firewall settings.

I was looking to avoid getting any changes made to the customers firewall

That is also out of my control :wink: but if SIP and any resultant RTP connections are passed without any modification then you should be fine.

thanks for your help