Conferencing and paging mixed up after migration

I just migrated to a new box, the old one had freepbx 2.4, so I pulled a backup, and installed the new one with 2.4 and imported the backup. And now this is what happens:

When I dial a conference (plain or meetme) I am prompted:
"Please enter the conference pin number…"
I leave the pin blank because my conference has no user pin, then I hear:
“That is not a valid conference number please try again.”

Here is logging for that event:

Now even if I build a new conference, and use a pin, or build a meetme conference and use a pin, it still has the same behavior. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the conference module with no luck. Finally I updated to 2.5 with all the latest modules.

Now paging - it gets worse.

When I dial a paging group it seems to think its a conference,
all the phones in the paging group off-hook, then this is what I hear over the speaker on all phones: "That is not a valid conference number please try again."
I can talk during that, and it is heard over all phones, but as soon as its done playing its error message it hangs up.
Here is logging for that:

I get the idea that something is hosed up in the database - any idea what I can do to repair this?

you will get that prompt when you don’t have a timing source. As paging and Meet Me need a timing source to sync all the connections.

so assuming you don’t have any zaptel hardware install the ztdummy driver which is exactly what it sounds like a dummy driver, the only thing it provides is a timeing source for things like paging and meet me.

Looking at your posted traces that is the issue as both have this reference:
app_meetme.c: Unable to open pseudo device

If you google for that you’ll see you need a timing source.

duh - I knew that, too much staring at the monitor.