Conferences - Direct dial


I have a system for a client that is rather out of date (

It is on an elastix system.

My issue is this

I setup conferences, lets say 801,802 etc

If I dial in from external, I can’t dial these directly as it can’t find the extension/conference. I want to be able to dial a conference the same as an extension.

Can someone offer some advice on the best method to correct. I am using an IVR right now and having a DID land on that IVR and breaking it out from there… They can not have the system go down.


I am just one opinion however this is really frustrating to me. You go out and charge people “your client” and don’t understand the basics of the system. Your only avenue for help is a public forum.

If you are going to do this for a living you need to be educated and competent.

I reread your message and I am still not quite sure what you want to do.