Conference -

Does anybody use Conference through iax.
All users are complaining that voice quality is choppy only on the conference calls…
Is there resolution for this???



Do you have a valid timing source? Use the command DAHDI show channels to find out.

Your question did not really deserve answering based on the following criteria:

1 - It has nothing to do with FreePBX
2 - You did not tell us what version of FreePBX
3 - You did not indicate if you installed via a distro (and if so be specific) or installed manually (if so list Specific OS and version)

All questions should include this minimal information.

Thank you for replying much appreicated.

Yes, I am going a FreePbx and the version is
and it was manually installed…

I checked the settings in DAHDi however, unable to see the channels…

Thanks again,


You need to install DAHDI with an basic chan_dahdi.conf file so Asterisk loads the dahdi_dummy timing driver.