Conference rooms with a moderator GUI?

Is there a module that will allow a conference moderator to use a web page to see who is in a conference, mute/unmute people, add/drop people, etc. I have Flash Operator Panel running on my lab system, and it either doesn’t do this or (more likely) I have no idea how to run it.

conference pro inside UCP does this for you.

Here is a link

Hmmm. It looks like it only allows users to set certain parameters of the conference room, as opposed to actively managing a conference. Have I got it wrong?

I think my reply might get confusing. It was meant for Tony. Then I saw your reply Cyber.

No it fully lets you view your rooms and mute/unmute and kick users along with drop in phone numbers as users or admins into the conf

Very cool. Answers a lot of questions for me. Now to try it on my lab system and then tell my clients about it.

Bought it. Installed it. Tried it. Love it. Does what I want.