Conference rooms for every extension in 8000 range

I am trying to figure out where all these conference rooms came from. Obviously something automated happened as I definitely didn’t set these up. Any ideas where these were generated from?

Conference Pro generates these and also an IVR to allow callers to dial them.

Huh… weird. I dont have that installed nor do I have the license for it… but I guess it explains it. I was really confused.

Thanks! :smile:

Not sure this was ever fully answered or a solution found?

However I have the same problem several hundred of conference rooms created in the 8000 range once for every new extension added, and I also don’t have Conference Pro. How can I disable this feature, its a pain having to manually removed them.

uninstall conference pro

Why would it even do anything if it wasn’t licensed? Installed or not?

Because it was a bug. But has since been fixed.

Most excellent, thanks for the clarification

Yes sorry I know I went to fixed it because of this thread but then never came back to this thread.