Conference Room, invalid pin number

I have setup a few conference rooms on my Trixbox 2.6.1, I also set it up so that you can access them from the IVR when call in externally. What happens is when you dial the conference room extension and you get the prompt to enter your pin after the prompt before you type pin you will get a prompt that the ‘Pin is invalid for this conference’. What you have to do is type the pin immediately during the prompt to bypass the invalid pin error. When dialing from an internal number it works perfect. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


trixbox uses an out of date,modified and unsupported version of FreePBX. trixbox has for all intents and purposes abandoned the project having not committed updates this year.

I suggest you consider the new FreePBX distribution. It contains the current version of FreePBX and Asterisk. You will never look back.

There is not work around for the version that I am running? Moving to another disto is not in the plans right now.

I don’t know of a workaround, that does not mean there is not one.

Please help me to understand why you would want to stay running on an End of Line unsupported system?

I am not in any way pushing just the FreePBX distro, any current distro would be a great benefit.

What is the concern for updating the system? Knowing your motivations helps me to understand the user base, I appreciate you taking the time to answer this.

If you don’t want your answer in public please feel free to send me a Private Message.