Conference recording playback / access

I’m sure I’m just missing something really stupid here.

Currently have a FreePBX 2.10 / Asterisk 1.8.11 setup running on a 64bit virtual system and a single SIP trunk. It’s just being used for a conference bridge at this time.

All thats up & working as desired. Dial a number, it shuffles it over to the Asterisk box, prompts to enter a bridge # and then passcode. No problem, works great, including the recording functionality. Conferences are recorded and saved to /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/yyyy/mm/dd/conf-ext-date-time.wave format.

The thing I can’t seem to figure out is how the heck to retrieve the recording! I’m at the point of creating a symlink and dumping all the .wav recording attachments into a voicemail inbox for a bogus extension.

I’ve gone to http://servername/recordings. When I login with the extension, no recordings (unless I move the .wav files into the INBOX voicemail foder of the extension). Tried the admin ARI account, no recordings.

How can I access these recordings other than copying them out of the monitor directory?

Some playing around I’m able to get the CDR working. It’s showing all the inbound calls and forwarding as expected, just not the Recording.

The Recording column is blank…I’m getting close, I know it…


It’s all there. I added a symlink from the /monitor directory to a var/www/html monitor directory, logged in to ARI and not using IE8 it shows up.


can you help me, im using centos 6.3 and asterisk + freepbx and also have problem with Conference recordings playback. Can you post the symlink you created becouse im kinda novice in linux symlinks :slight_smile:

many thanks.

Unfortunally I can not recall the exact syntax. My install may be slightly different than your install. The generic command to create a symlink is:

ln -s <destination> <linkname>