Conference Pro Module -- Admin joins and hears silence

Anyone else bothered by the fact that when you join the conference as the admin and there are no participants on the bridge that you hear dead silence after putting in your admin pin? I had this feature when I was using a php script in the past before purchasing the Conference Pro module Anyone know how to change this behavior? At least add an audio recording announcing to the admin that there are no one on the bridge yet but you have opened the bridge.

My users are confused when the silence happens, they don’t know whether or not their bridge is open. I am also in the same boat of confusion.

This is not anything Conf Pro does. Conf Pro just gives you ability to see conference rooms in UCP. Nothing else. I would suggest looking at the conf module in FreePBX and see if you can modify it to suit your needs or open a feature request at under conference module.

Thanks Tony for the clarification. Do you have any reference to documentation I can reference to make changes to the conference module? I opened a feature request as well.

Tony – any references you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.