Conference Pro malfunctioning

Just upgraded a number of modules, now getting:

Autoloader is damaged
Please run: fwconsole --fix_zend
[root@freepbx-a ~]# fwconsole --fix_zend
Disabling malfunctioning module: conferencespro
There’s nothing left to fix

How do I fix conference pro (13.0.18)?

It’s working fine here. Do you use it?

Yes, I am using it.
Just upgraded a bunch of modules and now seeing this error. Don’t know which module upgrade the culprit is.
Right now conference pro is disabled.

Try deleting it and redownloading and installing. If that doesnt work you will need to open a ticket with commercial module support. The only way you’d get that message is if the system is not licensed.

Also got a message that sysadmin was broken, which I fixed by redownloading it.
Sysadmin says conference pro is licensed.

Sysadmin has to be working for conferences pro to work. That was probably your entire issue.

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I also issued a fix to conferencespro that will most likely fix this if sysadmin breaks again.