Conference Pro issue not showing active members

Hello all,

I am fairly new to FreePBX and have a system setup and running in my office. I am currently running on Asterisk Ver. and FreePBX Framework 12.0.38.

I have purchased commercial licenses for UCP and Conference Pro. All seems to be working great but I have an issue with the UCP when viewing a room in the conferences area it shows “Conference is Empty” when there are several users in conference.

I am sure that I am probably missing a setting somewhere but I have not been able to find anything in the settings and I have not been able to find anyone else having this issue on the interwebs. Can anyone here direct me to a post or provide some additional tips?

Thanks in advance.
Bill Wiser

Please upgrade to Asterisk 11 and switch to using Conference Bridge.

Asterisk 1.8 does not show events for App-Conference. Only 11 does

Perfect. Thanks Guys.

I was able to move to Asterisk 11 and made the change to Conference Bridge instead of MeetMe. It is now working. I am still having some strange issues that maybe you can also help with.

  1. When I am accessing UCP or when I refresh the UCP page with an F5 my conferences or current calls are disconnected. Strange.

  2. When calling into a bridge extension sometimes we are getting the PIN is not correct messages. In the Logs I found that sometimes the 4th digit is not recognized. This happens sometimes for calls coming from outside and also from inside extensions as well. Seems to be more prevalent when calling into the system from a cell phone. I have trunks from SipStation currently handling these types of calls.

Any tips, ideas or suggestions forward would be greatly appreciated.


That can’t be related at all. All communication for conferences is done through the Asterisk Manager. If you can constantly make it happen over and over then please provide logs.

Sounds like DTMF issues. I believe cell phones are mainly inband, meaning that any button push is subject to quality of line.