Conference Pro failure

Client uses conferences frequently and they fail frequently. Purchased Conference Pro and had the Exec Admin Assistant record an introduction. About half way through the pleasantries she states"if you know it, dial it". If the caller dials the conference room number (four digits) right then, the computer prompts work beautifully as do the conferences. If the caller waits until the full announcement has stopped, the Conference IVR has gone beyond a time out and the announcement loops and then hangs up after three tries. After the first try it doesn’t matter how quickly you try again, it just fails and then hangs up.

Where can changes be made to lengthen the time out or can there be an admin configurable IVR created that allows changes as needed?

Appreciate a solution for this…without re-recording the announcement shorter…

Additional information…we clicked on “submit query” (nothing appeared to happen) and the “apply config” appeared. After this the conference rooms were being accepted regardless of when input during and after the announcement. It seems to be working properly at this time.