Conference phone recommendation

Can anyone recommend a decent conference phone/speakerphone that works well with FreePBX/Asterisk? I’m not looking for top of the line, just something that works well for a small conference room and of course works with FreePBX.


VTech VCS754
These things are fantastic. We bought one just as a quick replacement to a dead Polycom and after a month of use we replaced all our Polycom conference phones with these.

Works perfect with asterisk. Good sounding speaker phone and the wireless mics are an absolute game changer. They go 8-10 hours between charges.

The game changer feature is the USB connection that you can connect the phone to a laptop. This thing will become the speaker/mic for the attached machine. So you can host a webex meeting and have a room full of people all able to talk with very good connection. Also since you have it hooked to your laptop, if you are running video, the video and audio are in sync (vs dialing in seperately).
We used to have a large town hall meetings where we would have wireless mic and video going to a laptop and it was just a pain. This thing in our boardrooms made a big difference.

When we do meetings with a presenter, you can put the mic near them on the podium, even hold it and the quality is amazing. No interference between multiple phones of the same model either.

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Thanks, I will check it out. Sounds like a good option!

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