Conference Module

Hello everyone,

Am planning to use the conferencing function in FreePBX. Am not expecting a high volume of conference meeting participants, but estimate maybe 3-5 outside callers each meeting.
My plan is to use only SIP trunks.

What are your thoughts around the reliability of the conferencing module? Any best practices tips around its configuration?

Any thoughts would help, Thank you!


Asterisk can easily handle 3-5 conference participants. The real questions are the reliability of you Internet connection and SIP provider. Your hardware specs are also important since all those voice streams will need to be processed and mixed by the asterisk server.

Hello Alan_mousty,

Actually the server must be able to do at least 3 different conference calls simultaneously each would have around 5 external callers. So the server must be able to handle more than 15 concurrent external calls.
Am planning to use G729a codec, my internet connection is 20mbit Fiber. The conference service must be HA. Do you recommend i run two Asterisk servers to have failover in case the conference module/or server fails? If i assume the internet connection and SIP provider are highly available, and the hardware is well speced, can i expect Asterisk conference module to run smoothly? in other words, is there known problems with the module in similar all SIP/G729a configuration?

Thank you

Another question, do you recommend a specific Asterisk version?


With that Fiber connect I would not recommend using or needing the G.729 codec it will just add extra hits on the processor for no real reason. For HA you should take a look at this video