Conference Menu


At the moment we have one conference room which is dialled directly. We are now having to create multiple rooms however to save on directing an individual external number to each room I thought it would be easier if people dialled in to a menu ‘Please enter conference room number’, they enter a number which directs to whatever room asking for the PIN

Is this possible? - I’m not sure how to code this

Conference Pro module does this for you and also lets you have it auto create a conference room for every user for you.


I have a workaround by using an IVR.

Pressing 1 takes them to room 1, 2 to room 2 etc. This means I only need one incoming DDI

Yes that will always work.

The thing Conf Pro offers is it create a IVr for you and on a per conference room basis you decide if you want it included in the conference room.

Also you have have it auto create conference rooms automatically on a per user basis and let that user view and manage the conference room from UCP including kicking, muting and inviting callers into the conference room.