Conference Maximum Participants Dropdown Customization

Currently I use FreePBX meetme conferences. Everythings working fine. Today I met the following problem:
the Maximum Participants dropdown list maximum number is 20. I need to configure it for 30. How can I modifiy this list or the meetme conference properties behind the System?

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What version are you running? Because v13 and higher doesn’t have a dropdown for this field. It’s a number field with no limit, as far as I can see, to how many participants can be in a conference.

Do you need a limit at all? No limit is an option

The problem is we have 60 channels on our SIP TRUNK and I would like to limit 30 channels for our CUSTOMER dedicated meetme room. In the current config I can limit only 20. If I set it to unlimited then they can use more than 30 and then our collegaues cannot place/receive calls. Our company calls are goes through this 60 channels trunk too.

The best move would be to move to 13+ where you don’t need to do this (note 14 went stable) 2nd best option may be to do a direct edit.

update meetme set users=30 where exten=9999;

Note if someone saves in the ui this will get nuked.

Thank you very much! This is enough for me. I use V11.14 and it’s working perfectly. Honestly I don’t like the new versions web interface.

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Dear James,

Regarding this question is it possible to lock somehow maximum participant list? We are still in 5.211 (Asterisk 11.14) and this version has a dropdown.
I created a user who has only access for own conference room from web interface but I don’t want to enable to modify (increase) max. participant limit.

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Bela Vajda

The only answer to this is until you upgrade to v13 or v14 (the latter is more advised) is you are stuck with what you have. FreePBX v11 is waaaaaay EOL and Asterisk v11 has been EOL for a while now.

Until you are on a current supported version, all of this is moot because the only way you’re going to get the desired results on that version is to make the modifications yourself.

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