Conference line drops admin after 1 hour

We are using Meetme conference lines pretty heavily and we have some meetings that go over an hour long. If they do the person logged in as the admin of the conference gets dropped has to hurry and log back in. No one else drops, just the admin. These meetings are with potential customers and it really makes us look bad when it happens. Anyone experienced this or have suggestions on what to do to troubleshoot/fix it?


A total lack of details to work with make it hard to say. But we use them extensively and have had calls go for 3-4 hours at a time without a single issue.


I have a couple possible ideas of things to look at but until you provide some details about your setup and how it’s used 3/4 of what I could say might be meaningless.

I was looking to see if anyone had even heard of it before going into full detail (I will try to give more detail in future posts to avoid flaming responses). I had searched with google and found nothing which leads me to believe it is not a FreePBX issue. I also tracked down another heavy user and he says he always goes over the 1 hour mark and sometimes goes as long as 3 hours so I will troubleshoot it from a different angle.


When you ask for help, we try and help but we need those details to guide you and us.

Type of trunks, Phones, protocol used, versions of software, etc… The admin of the call local or remote, etc. Each of these and knowing what they are can help us help you.

I’m guessing it’s a remote user on a SIP phone and that means it can be one of a few things. But we don’t like to guess and walk down a road that ends up being wrong without knowing the environment first. So if you provide the details and do it up front we could have possibly already addressed the issue by now.